Effective September 2010, students may use their own email addresses to receive official SMU email correspondence. As a result of this change SMU will no longer create SMU email addresses (@smu.ca) for students. Students who received a SMU email address prior to the change will retain the use of the address until after graduation. The final deadline for undergraduate email services is October 2015. Current alumni with an email address can continue using it until October 2011.

Students must now supply their preferred email address before being able to activate their SMU computer accounts. The preferred email address can be an external email address or, if already available, a SMU email address.

Welcome to Saint Mary's University Account Activation Process.

Validating your Information

You are now activating your account that will be used for the following:

For Students
(SMUNET domain) 
For Faculty and Staff
(SMUNET domain)
  1. Access to on-campus computers
  2. Access to SMUport (includes Course Tools and BlackBoard)


  1. Access to on-campus computers
  2. Access to a SMU email account
  3. Access to SMUport (includes Course Tools and BlackBoard)


To Use This System:

  1. You must have already received your Banner PIN in the mail. If you have not received the PIN, please contact:

    - For Students -> Service Centre (420-5582)
    - For Faculty and Staff -> Human Resources (420-5564)

    You must be a currently registered student, SMU Staff member or faculty member.

Before activating your account, we must verify your information. Please enter your new Banner ID (A00000000) and PIN in the appropriate boxes below. If you do not have a Banner ID, or PIN, please contact the Service Centre at 420-5582 or email at service.centre@smu.ca.

Banner ID
Banner PIN -> (PIN used for Self Service. See item 1. above)
Forgot PIN?
If you don't remember your PIN, please type in your Banner ID and click on the "Forgot PIN?" button. Please make sure your pop-ups are enabled.